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logo-web2 A digital media company whose heart beats in Portland, Oregon

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About Hatchet

Hatchet Creative is a creative digital media company – based in the world’s finest city, Portland, Oregon – mainly focusing on producing beautiful, maintainable, scalable and affordable WordPress-based sites.

2249_61426321973_991_nHatchet is run by Daniel Fellini. I’ve been at this for over 15 years, designing and creating content, developing and managing the production of small, medium and large-scale websites and applications, and producing award-winning film and video.

I’ve supported conferences, coordinated content development for highly-trafficked sites, and advised on strategy for social media channels and websites, including my favorite, Car Talk.

I’ve managed the development of a diverse selection of media projects including websites, print materials and multimedia.

Throughout my career I’ve worked with international and domestic nonprofits, public broadcasting technology and news, newspapers, digital agencies, government agencies and everything in between. I’ve produced video shoots that cost more than some decently-sized boats. I’ve also written grant proposals and RFP responses that landed a bunch of cash for great projects.

Above all, I care deeply about my clients and the people I work with.



  • Slick, maintainable WordPress-supported websites because, let’s face it, WordPress is the BOMB! But we use other technologies when they fit.
  • Modern front-end frameworks like Bootstrap, since the wheel has already been invented.
  • Responsive design themes, always, since it’s not 1997 anymore.
  • Eye-catching, what-the-hell-was-that data visualization with open-source tools.
  • Inexpensive, reliable hosting deployments since you can’t host your site on a toaster. We tried.
  • Ongoing, affordable site maintenance that will keep you happy.

Strategy and Management

  • Project management. It’s core to what we do. Nuff said.
  • Smart content strategy. Yes, Virginia, you need a content strategy, for real.
  • Solid information architecture to build upon.
  • Top-notch content production.
  • Realistic, achievable social media strategy. Click LIKE if you love a good social media strategy.
  • Marketing and brand positioning, even for the smallest businesses, because your brand is your lifeblood.
  • Effective digital campaigns that bring in money, volunteers, or whatever you’re into.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) which you need, because Google.

The A/V Department

  • Primary photography and editing that’ll make you look splendid.
  • Video production, because YouTube.
  • Audio production, because… Listen!
  • Design of things you need designed, including print.
  • Please note: we do not make cat videos. Mostly because we have no cats.


Stay tuned for more...

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  • Design
  • Development
  • Higher Logic
  • Java/JSP
  • Project Management
  • Responsive
  • Wordpress


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