Car Talk

Client: Car Talk

Date: March 12, 2015

Categories: Design / Development / Java/JSP / Project Management

(This is an older project, but a favorite of mine…)

Car Talk, the nationally-broadcast NPR radio show, wanted a new way to engage with its audience. The show’s user boards were wildly popular, but visitors wanted a way to engage with each other and the show around very specific makes and models of cars – for example, 2007 FJ Cruisers.

I worked with Car Talk staff to develop a strategy to build make/model specific discussion areas that provided regular email alerts to members alerting them to new activity within their car of interest.

The project had us tying together several pieces of infrastructure to make a cohesive, user-friendly and engaging application. The core of the system was built as Java servlets and JSP pages, tied into a MySQL database. We built custom RSS parsers as a cost-effective and speedy solution to bringing forum data into the system to be crunched, sorted and redistributed in several forms to users.